Business Owners Come to Us for 5 things..

  • To help them achieve high profits in their business
  • To slash their business and personal tax bills
  • To provide accounting and business help they can afford
  • To be there for them 24/7 whenever they have a problem
  • To provide them peace of mind

Support and peace of mind is important to our clients. Offering them a professional accounting and tax reduction service to meet the need of their business at an affordable price is what we like to do well. If you own a business, trying to keep your books up to date throughout the year can be a nightmare. You keep putting off "doing the books" because it's the last thing you want to face at the end of a busy day. Eventually it just becomes too hard so you hide it away in your "too hard" basket It's not too hard for us however. Affordable accounting and minimising tax is what we do best, day in and day out. We've been doing it for a long time so we're good at it.

Let us  take away your stress, so you can work on growing your business.

RECORDS   - We make sure your business records and HST/GST returns are correctly completed and filed on time to the CRA. We keep you within the law at all times by maintaining clear accurate records for your business.

ACCOUNTS   - We make sure your financial accounts are "pulled out" every month (or week if necessary), so they reflect the accurate state of your business and cash flows at any time. You need to know how your business is doing from day to day - not a year later when it's too late to fix anything.

We focus on the key ingredients that matter most for any small business:

PROFITS   - We make sure you get the help you need to maximise your profits by advising on every area of business that you require a helping hand with. We've been doing it successfully for others for many years.

TAX   - We make sure you pay the least amount of tax legally possible. It's no use making huge profits if the Tax Man is going to take most of it. We will slash your tax bill and ensure you pay only the minimum that is entitled to. We've specialised in Tax for over 10 years.